A scope is a fact that brings together multiple templates and filters. They can be used in permissioning to indicate the nodes covered by the permission relative to the permission's targeted node.

Scope Creation

Scopes are created using the createscope API call.


POST /createscope {
    "parentId": "00000000C320A7BFD903745851915F6C33D20634E36C37C6",
    "name": "ApplicationScope",
    "description": "Covers the facts accessible by this application",
    "templateIds": [
    "filterIds": [

The scope name must be unique within the associated login.

A scope can be referenced either using its node id, or using one of the following FRNs.

Description FRI
Full FRI frn:scope:0000000009C2602130DEC995888A2CE624A7FCA1513E1B48:ApplicationScope
Login understood frn:scope::ApplicationScope
Short FRI :NameAndAddressScope

Scopes in Permissions

The only use of scopes, currently, is in permissions to specify nodes covered by the permission.